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How to judge the control of the thermostat is accurate?Ideas of fault diagnosis and maintenance for the thermostat


When we use the thermostat too long or improper use will cause some problems in the thermostat, affecting its normal work. We now discuss the basic failure of several temperature control devices, and give a solution, I hope you use the thermostat more attention.  
The temperature controller does not display after the first power of the electric power. This need to check whether there is a problem throughout the circuit, circuit is connected, whether the family power, whether there is an aging line breaks, or check whether the switch is open, if it is not necessary to check the voltage of the thermostat is in the specified range.  
And then the fan does not start the situation. Check the fan around the wiring hole is loose, check the fan connection port is active or passive, and then check whether the wind turbine failure, for this one can be used to check the resistance of the normal. What should be done if the thermostat is turned on manually and can't be closed manually? Some thermostat is automatically timed by the system to close the fan, manual can not be completed, which is the normal situation.  
The temperature controller power supply lamp is bright but the heating lamp is not bright. In the face of this situation, the first temperature to the highest, waiting for a period of time to see whether the lights are turned on, if not bright on the machine failure. We can see whether there is a clear temperature near the heat source, the impact of the thermostat to judge. If the heating of the display lights from time to time to turn off the lights, do not worry, this shows that the heating system, the normal operation of the heating system.  
How do we judge the thermostat control is accurate? We can first use the temperature measurement of temperature near the machine temperature, then the temperature is slightly higher than that of the button to display temperature, so heating will become bright, the button above or below the temperature display lamp will be extinguished.